Have fun together, competitive but respectfull at our football community!

Back2football is about the atmosphere, experience and fun in football. Of course, this includes some rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any problems.

Back2Football Rules

  • 6-a-side including 1 goalkeeper
  • Small pitch (quarter field)
  • Match duration 2x25 minutes, plus a short break of max 5 minutes.
  • Be ready on the pitch 15 minutes before the match starts. Be on time!
  • No slidings or tackles! 
  • No discussions on the pitch! Focus on the game and have fun together. 
  • When a foul is committed never discuss Shake your opponent's hand en play the ball back to the opponent and then continue playing. 
  • Slidings are allowed to keep the ball in, provided an opponent is at an appropriate distance.
  • You can score from any position on the field.
  • if the ball goes out, then throw in
  • It is recommended to wear shin guards .
  • If you play too hard or complain too much, you will receive a warning
  • Excessive actions can get you kicked out of the league
  • A goalie may use his hands up to 5 meters from the goal (hats along the sideline indicate this limit).
  • A goalkeeper ball is thrown or rolled by the goalie
  • A goalkeeper is not allowed to use his hand after a pass back.
  • The penalty spot is 7 meters from the goal.
  • If you don't have enough players for the game please inform the organization two days before gamenight. Too late? No points for the game.
  • Each team may move a match a maximum of once. Report at least 1 week in advance. 
  • Participate at your own risk, take your own responsibility
  • Competition winners will receive the Back2Football Cup! In addition, there is a team prize to be won for the Fair-Play!
  • The final round of play includes an awards ceremony.
  • Ranking in the poule: number of points > mutual result > goal difference. Mutual results therefore count above goal difference! We don't want to have too many big scores. That's not fun for anyone 
  • Realize that thanks to many volunteers we can be guests at a football club. Please keep the changing rooms, fields and the rest of the complex neat and clean!
  • Enjoy the beautiful football evenings at Back2football! Good luck and have fun!


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