Back2Football, the football league on small pitch near you!

Create your own team with friends and colleagues or sign up individually. 

Back2Football in a new league format, removing the objections people have to participating in a regular football league. A fixed evening a week, always at a fixed playing location nearby, a real competition where fun is paramount, with winners and losers, real prizes and championship bowls and a pleasant 3rd half afterwards in the clubhouse. There are no compulsory registrations with an association or a fixed annual contribution. There is an advantageous entry fee per participant team or per individual registration.

  • €45,- per game night per team, you share this amount with the whole team  
  • €7,- per game evening for players who register individually. 

Back2Football is the 6vs6 football league on a small pitch. With this evening league we offer ex-football players, football enthusiasts, fathers along the line, occasional athletes, and anyone who wants to have a fun and sportive night. You can sign up with your own team of friends or colleagues. Don't have enough players? No problem, we have a list of substitutes! It is also possible to register solo, whereby the organization will assign you to a team of individual registrations. 

Come together and taste the atmosphere of the most beautiful and most loved sport of all: Back2Football

You are always welcome for a free try out! Contact us directly and join!